ME131 Spring 2018

The BARC car was used as an instructional platform for Spring 2018 course ME 131: Vehicle Dynamics and Control.  ME131 students designed, built, and raced 40 Autonomous 1/10-scale vehicles. See the video below for some clips from the final race.


American Control Conference 2018 Workshop

The BARC car was used for a one-day workshop at the ACC2018:  Autonomous Vehicles: An Open Platform for Learning and Teaching. The one-day workshop aims to introduce students, practitioners and teachers to designing model-based vehicle dynamics controllers through hands-on experience with the BARC platform. The participants will design a wide range of vehicle dynamics and Advanced Driver Assistance controllers, from simple lane changes with obstacle avoidance to autonomous drifting. The participants will be provided with a set of structured labs which can be used to learn and teach the topics discussed.


Click here to download the slides