About The Project

The Berkeley Autonomous Race Car is a development platform for autonomous driving and non-linear model predictive control, to achieving complex maneuvers such as drifting, lane selection, and obstacle avoidance. A 1/10 scale RC car and an embedded Linux computer make up the hardware platform of the project. This project aims to be fully open-source and the data collection process will become cloud-based, as we hope that it proves to be a useful tool for Vehicle Dynamics and Control Theory researchers.



This project is led by Professor Borrelli of the MPC Lab, and Professor Hedrick of the Vehicle Dynamics Lab at University of California, Berkeley. The team consists of a number of graduate and undergraduate students.

Jon Gonzales SoftwareVehicle Dynamics, Controls jon.gonzales@berkeley.edu 
Joseph Pappas Mechanical, Electrical, Software  Vehicle Dynamics, Controls jpappas@college.harvard.edu 
Cheng Hao Yuan Mechanical, Electrical, Software Controls, Embedded Systems chengyuan@berkeley.edu 
Chenliu Stephen Lu Mechanical, Electrical, Software Controls, Dynamics chenliulu@berkeley.edu 
Nicolas Nassar Software Control, Sensors nnassar92@gmail.com 
Steven van Leeuwen Mechanical, Electrical, Software Controls, Embedded Systems vanleeuwen@berkeley.edu 
Tong Hua Yu Mechanical, Electrical  Vehicle, Motor Dynamics mobetat91665@gmail.com